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How Molly Got a 5x ROAS by Relying On Cold Traffic (Ep. 225)

“In this week’s episode, Molly explains the campaign she and Ezra Firestone used to create a 5x ROAS for their Train My Traffic Person mentorship program. She brings us behind the scenes of each of their offers, how much they spent on ads, their results, and the objectives they used on Facebook.”

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The One Critical Facebook Ad Mistake Almost Everyone Makes

Witten be Stephanie Burns in Forbes Women

There’s still immense potential on Facebook’s advertising to grow a business… FAST. But if you’ve ever tried advertising on Facebook, chances are, you’ve made a certain fatal mistake.

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Molly in Forbes!
“The One Critical Facebook Ad Mistake Almost Everyone Makes”

Exciting news: I was just featured in Forbes!

In this article, I talk about the one big mistake I see Facebook advertisers making time and time again. Why do most ads fail to convert? Because they look like ads!

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